About Loud Loud World

A blog by David Whitmer, a field recordist, traveler, occasional musician and wannabe filmmaker currently marooned in Brooklyn, New York.

In less optimistic moments, I imagine that it is inevitable for the sound of the world to transform itself into a big blurry mush.  The fuzzy whoosh of car tires on pavement is ubiquitous in city and town, commercially-driven western style pop music is replacing the myriad diversity of our traditional musical cultures, and the plethora of unique ecosystems–each with its own voice and character–is rapidly being paved over, chopped down, or polluted beyond its natural ability to make a good, healthy noise.  Not only is this an aesthetic drag, but surely it must also signal the end of an environmentally robust, sustainable world.

More optimistically, I have seen a rise in the number of blogs, websites, recordings, films and books devoted to the appreciation of the remaining pockets of unique cultures and biodiversity that dot our planet … happily, it appears an increasing number of people out there have realized the mess we humans have got ourselves into, and they seem determined to showcase the wonders that remain.  As well as fight for them.

Loud Loud World, then, is a blog featuring sound recordings I’ve made in various locations over the years (mostly from the island of Borneo, actually, though other locations will pop up now and again).  It is my own contribution to this latter-day cabinet of curiosities found on the internet.  I invite you to listen and consider, and comment if you hear or see something worth talking about.


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