Ah, my first post.  I’ll begin slowly, quietly …

This post features the sound of a cicada in a landscape … or, more correctly, in a soundscape, as those with a fondness for field recordings call it.

Though this recording is predominately composed of sounds produced by birds and insects, there is an intrusion to the otherwise natural soundscape – an airplane passing overhead – that so clearly coincides with the a cicada call that it begs the question of whether or not the insect is reacting to the airplane.

It is doubtful really.  Most likely the cicada (a male, for only the males have the hyper-developed tympanum which produces their sound) was calling at that point in time for exactly the same reason any cicada calls at any time … to attract a mate.  Still, I enjoyed the juxtaposition so  much I was driven to send the recording to a internet-acquaintance of mine who is a biologist specializing in cicadas.  I’ve yet to get a response (I imagine he has more realistic questions on his mind), but if and when I do I’ll be sure to post it here.

Meanwhile, it is a lovely recording, airplane and all, and it is an excellent example – thematically speaking – of a recording I would like to feature in this blog, i.e. one that illustrates the relationship between man and the natural world, or reveals a human presence in the natural world.

I made this recording on private land near Bau, Sarawak, on the island of Borneo.  I suppose, however, that it could have been made anywhere in the vicinity of the Kuching International Airport in western Sarawak.


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  1. Played this for Melanie and she said, “I could listen to that all night long.”

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